M​.​A. Arson

by Luck Rock (prod. by Quicksilver)

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We met today in the pony cafe
a mare ate lunch with her own kind of flair
Speaking her mind and words just like knives said
“Your apples they taste a lot like pears”
Perhaps at first she thought it was funny
but soon the proclaimed fashion queen of chic
will find my own brand of humor as grand
when I in turn go and burn down her boutique

Well Rarity, I’ve got a pair
A pair of blow-torches to share
In the cover of darkest night
I went to make a show of light
A mistake made in my next move
A blowtorch does not work with hooves
Something felt hot upon my head
And there did burn my hat instead

Verse 2
Granny comes to say in her nagging way
That I need to go tear down the barn today
It is my desire I will play with fire
So I get the gas and splash it on the hay
With straw as a fuse this time I can’t lose
Wait why is the flame going the wrong way

Chorus 2
In a sequence just like in dreams
It falls apart when I hear screams
So I grab water, trace the shout
and put my flaming granny out
Her look tells me that she is mad
Cuz Granny turned a shade of red
I trot back to the apple trees
Maybe arson’s just not for me


released March 6, 2017
Lyrics and vocals:Luck Rock
Instrumental: QS


tags: rock Raeford


all rights reserved


Quicksilver Raeford, North Carolina

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